Participation Increase by 2023
Events Planned per Season

What we want to achieve.

Getting Native Kids
on Bikes

GNKOB utilizes cultural knowledge and resilience to spearhead a path for our youth to broaden opportunities and experiences.

A few goals
  • Secure a proper fleet of Gravel and Mountain Bikes
  • Produce a Team Kit
  • Acquire a Van and Trailer
  • Storage Facility
  • Obtain bike tools that may be missing from the shop
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand for participants
  • Maintain a fund to cover any entry fees, travel and accommodation costs, et al.

Why we’re different

GNKOB wants to reaffirm connection to land and introduce cultural knowledge during our cycling season.


We recognize the importance of the land to Indigenous people and the need to affirm, reclaim, and reinforce its connection. Our group rides will be led by an Indigenous community member to incorporate land knowledge.


In honoring our ancestors and our history, GNKOB wants to celebrate our culture and our relatives. Cultural knowledge will be taught by identifying places on bike rides by its Indigenous names and meeting with community members. All information will be taught by an elder of the community with proper procedure and permission.